Pharmaceutical Control of the
Human Microbiome

Our Science

The microbiome, the genetic material contained by our symbiotic bacteria, contains roughly 2 million genes, 100-fold more than our human genome.  Indeed, the microbiota that make up our bacterial symbiotes that share the human body outnumber our human cells by at least 10-fold.

We need our symbiotic microbiota.  They perform essential catalytic tasks associated with simple dietary processing to complex immunological modulation and neurological function.  Thus, we do not want to harm them, as they are far mutually protective of us, in the same way that we are protective of them.

Our goal is the non-lethal, selective, and potent modulation of bacterial factors that impact human disease.  We have achieved this goal, and have established a fundamentally new drug discovery paradigm that opens the door to the two million bacterial genes in the human microbiome.